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We have been specializing in chair massages for events and the trade show industry for over 17 years. We are currently, and have been for the past 14 years, the in-house event and convention massage provider for the United States' second largest convention center. We have lots of experience, and know what it means to provide a quality service. We know the importance of every event, as well as the heavy demands that normally comes along with them. It's generally long hours, and long days, which usually results in sore bodies and fatigued minds. Especially during a multi-day event.
While working with CMPs, DMCs, Event Planners, Exhibitors, Sales/Marketing, Show Managers, and Corporate Executives, to help make their events come off with less tension and stress, we pride ourselves in being easy to work with also. With our team's experience and knowledge of the trade show industry and the ins and outs of most major convention venues nationally, all just help makes everyone's job easier and it helps to get things done a lot easier and a lot faster.
Our list of event massage services include, short, seated massages (chair massages), mini-hand massages, reflexology foot massages, and sports event table massages. Our massage therapists are licensed or certified professionals in the State in which they practice, and regulated by their State Department of Health, as well as experienced and trained in event massage services. So you're literally in good hands. 🙂
The Mayo Clinic states that, today, everyone needs to take time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate to maintain our health. Not only does event massages assists with all three, they can have other positive health implications as well. In just 10 minutes, your blood pressure and heart rate decreases, producing a state of calmness, and also provides relief from headaches, stiff necks, aching shoulders, and back... even those sore aching feet. So just having massage available at any event is a plus... especially for those who need it! 
So contact us today about having massage at your event!

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